Duvel 6,66%: Celebrating 150 years of Duvel Moorgat

Duvel Moortgat is celebrating its 150 year anniversary and what’s a better way than to launch new beer: Duvel 6,66%. The beer upholds the Belgian traditions and brewing heritage as well as the devilish character of the original Duvel. At 6,66%, it is the easier to drink younger sibling of the original Duvel, great forRead more ⟶

A new Belgian abbey beer: Boudelo

The Musketeers Brewery launches it’s own abbey beer, Boudelo referring to the former Boudelo abbey which has a past history of brewing abbey beer. The beer comes in 3 different versions: Blonde, Tripel and Grand Cru, forming the Abbey series. These are the most traditional beers to come from The Musketeers, well known for theRead more ⟶

Belgium launches its own Belgian Beer box

With so many different Belgian beers, even Belgians haven’t tried them all. Flemish Brabant launches its own Belgian beer box so that everyone can try the regionally brewed beers. Appropriately named with the “Beer from here” box, the aim is for people to shop locally and see what their region has to offer. Alongside theRead more ⟶

Swiers Ninja Cat & Chicken, the best beer name?

What does a ninja cat and a chicken have in common? Yes, that’s right, absolutely nothing. Except, they are both proudly featured on the latest Belgian beer from De Hete Stoof brewery. This might be the best beer name, we have ever seen, proof us wrong! And it gets even crazier once you start readingRead more ⟶

Brussels Beer Project launches first beer spirit

The corona crisis has left its mark on the Brussels brewers. After all, they suddenly had barrels of beer that could no longer be sold. Instead of just emptying it, four breweries now jointly market the distillate ‘Smells Like Brussels Spirit’. “Smells like Brussels Spirit” is a collaboration between 4 Brussels breweries: Brussels Beer Project,Read more ⟶

St. Bernardus Tokyo: a new Belgian beer in can

St. Bernardus Brewery, well known for the St Bernardus beers, has launched a new beer St. Bernardus Tokyo. The beer sits somewhere in the middle between a Belgian white beer and a saison, what makes it really stand out is that it is the only beer from the brewery that is canned rather than bottled.Read more ⟶

93-year-old needs support in quarantine “I need more beer!!”

A 93-year-old woman from the American Seminole has already won many hearts online with her “cry for help”. Olive Veronesi was photographed during the corona crisis as she holds up a sign from behind her living room window that says she needs more beer. Accustomed to drinking a can of beer every evening, Olive VeronesiRead more ⟶

10 changes in Belgian pubs and what to expect in the UK

The majority of Belgian pubs have now reopened, and Belgians are flocking to their local pubs and bars for a drink with friends. Of course, it isn’t quite business as usual yet and there are some strict rules in place to make sure that everyone can has a good and safe time. Here’s 10 thingsRead more ⟶

6 Exclusive Belgian Beers on offer at Lidl

When it’s gone… it’s gone. And these beers will go fast at Lidl. From Thursday 11th of June, Lidl will have 6 Exclusive Belgian Beers on offer. 6 different living beers with second fermentation in the bottle all brewed by Brewery Van Steenberge. Please be warned, most of the beers have a 10.5% ABV, theseRead more ⟶