Swiers Ninja Cat & Chicken, the best beer name?

What does a ninja cat and a chicken have in common? Yes, that’s right, absolutely nothing. Except, they are both proudly featured on the latest Belgian beer from De Hete Stoof brewery. This might be the best beer name, we have ever seen, proof us wrong! And it gets even crazier once you start reading the tale of the Ninja beer cat.

The tale of the Ninja cat & Chicken

In a faraway land called Balderhei, CatCat aspired to become a ninja cat. After many bar fights with random farm animals, she crossed roads with Sensei Chicken. CatCat became an average ninja cat. Until she discovered Swiers Beer! The extra push to becoming the most awesome ninja cat ever.

When Lisa Baele en Dieter Swiers got married, they didn’t want gifts, they didn’t want to go on honeymoon, instead they wanted to start brewing their own beer. A few years later, they have now brewed 1000 liters of Swiers Ninja Cat & Chicken beer. Available locally in Berlaar & Heist-op-den-Berg, Antwerp.

Due to the small-scale, this Belgian beer is unlikely to reach the United Kingdom, but with a crazy label and a crazy name it might almost make it worth the trip to Belgium for a taste test.

What’s the craziest, best, most unique beer name you come across?

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