Belgium launches its own Belgian Beer box

With so many different Belgian beers, even Belgians haven’t tried them all. Flemish Brabant launches its own Belgian beer box so that everyone can try the regionally brewed beers. Appropriately named with the “Beer from here” box, the aim is for people to shop locally and see what their region has to offer. Alongside the beer box, there is also a “Surprise box” which doesn’t only include regional beers but also includes other products from the region.

Flemish Brabant might not ring a bell with beer connoisseurs straight away, but Pajottenland surely would. The region is famous for the Lambic beers which have been brewed here since the 1300s when many of the local farmers used part of their harvest to brew beer during the winter months. Almost every city in the region had a brewery. A Belgian beer box focussing specifically on the regional beers sounds like a no-brainer.

The beers that are included in the Belgian beer box are currently still a secret, but we’re sure that in a few days we’ll see some great photos of the box.

The “Beer from Here” box is currently only shipping within Belgium, it still makes a great gift for friends in Belgium: order the the “Beer from here” box.

If you’re looking for some beers for yourself, have a look at the Belgian beer box which has 12 different beers each month!

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