The best beer destinations in 2021

While enjoying a beer from the comfort of your own home is nice, it doesn’t quite hit the same level as meeting up with friends and ordering a pint in the pub. At the moment, we can only dream of going to the pub, let’s explore the top beer destinations in 2021.

Each year, Ratebeer announces the best beers as well as the best destinations to try those beers. For us, the best beer destination is the place where you can meet up with friends and stay for hours trying a wide range of different beers. Of course, if you’d like to make a trip out of it, check out the best beer destinations in 2021 below.

10. Brick Store Pub

Decatur, Georgia

9. Ma Che Siete Venuti a Fà

Roma, Italy

8. The Hoppy Pub

Thessaloniki, Greece

7. LambicZoon

Milano, Italy

6. Kulminator

Antwerpen, Belgium

5. BierCaB

Barcelona, Spain

4. Akkurat

Stockholm, Sweden

3. The Drunken Duck

Quinto Vicentino, Italy

2. In de Verzekering tegen de Grote Dorst

Eizeringen, Belgium

1. De Gebrande Winning

Sint-Truiden, Belgium

What makes these the best beer destination? There’s quite a few different types of bars and restaurants that are qualifying for “Best beer destination”, there isn’t road to success to end up in the list. Although, having a wide variety of beers might be a necessity.

Raf Sainte, the owner at the currently highest rated beer destination “De Gebrande Winning” let’s us know that they will continue what they are doing now. Raf and the team have always followed their own path which makes them stand out and which makes them unique.

Just outside the top 10, you also start finding the first breweries that have worked their way up, a very different vibe than a bar or restaurant but you won’t be able to get your beers any fresher and directly from the source.

You can find the full list of Best Beer destinations in 2021 on the RateBeer website.

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