93-year-old needs support in quarantine “I need more beer!!”

A 93-year-old woman from the American Seminole has already won many hearts online with her “cry for help”. Olive Veronesi was photographed during the corona crisis as she holds up a sign from behind her living room window that says she needs more beer.

Accustomed to drinking a can of beer every evening, Olive Veronesi has seen his stock dangerously decrease in recent days, without being able to replenish it because of isolating measures. To make up for this lack of reserves, she had her picture taken at her window, with a small sign that read “I need more beer!!”.

She explains: “I was on my last twelve cans. I drink a beer every night, the beer contains vitamins, it’s good for you, as long as you don’t overdo it.” Seems like a very fair reason to want a few more beers, but if you are only going to drink 1 beer a day you might want to opt for a full-bodied blonde beer instead?

The photo has gone viral and already received more than 10,000 likes and 50,000 shares. In addition, people have also offered to get beer for Veronesi, reports the American news site KDKA.


On social networks, the photos of the old lady made the buzz, and the story came to the ears of Coors Light , the beer of the 93-year-old was holding in her initial photo. To restock Olive Veronesi, the company therefore delivered ten packs of the beer, 150 cans in total. For Olive Veronesi, isolation can still last five months without problem, the beer fridge is fully stocked now!

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