Duvel 6,66%: Celebrating 150 years of Duvel Moorgat

Duvel Moortgat is celebrating its 150 year anniversary and what’s a better way than to launch new beer: Duvel 6,66%. The beer upholds the Belgian traditions and brewing heritage as well as the devilish character of the original Duvel. At 6,66%, it is the easier to drink younger sibling of the original Duvel, great for any occasion and great for celebrating 150 years of Duvel Moorgat.

Duvel 6,66% is a new mild, full-bodied blond Duvel with the alcohol percentage of 6.66%. Just like the original Duvel, 6 different hop varieties are used for Duvel 6,66%. It’s based on the noble and exclusive hop varieties Saaz and Styrian Golding. The flavour is then balanced by adding four expertly selected hop varieties to the mix, which also involves the dry-hopping technique.

Belgian Blond Ale, with refermentation in the bottle.

Fully bodied blond with a beautiful, natural haziness.

Well balanced with fruity, soft finish. Lively, fruity aromas thanks to the use of orange zest and dry hopping.

Malt: Malted barley, malted wheat. Hops: 6 refined hop varieties.


Serving temperature

The beer was launched with a 1 minute video introducing the beer and all the different reasons and occasions to indulge in the beer (if you needed those). At the same time the video, also makes fun of the traditional trappist beers, as the beer isn’t brewed in an abbey. The music by Fever Tree with “I can beat your drum” hits the nail on the head and makes us want to try this devilish new Duvel 6,66%.

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