AB Inbev launches “Victoria” a strong blonde beer as an alternative to Duvel.

Victoria is launched on the market as a new, strong blond beer. With 8.5% alcohol fermented in the bottle, the beer holds similarities the popular strong blonde beer Duvel. In the launch communication AB Inbev isn’t shy about admitting that they’re using this beer to take on Duvel. Victoria is the name of the newRead more ⟶

Brewers around Bruges create a beer discover box

A beer discover box, with beers from around Bruges. These are very difficult times for bars and restaurants, as well as for small-scale craft brewers. 6 local breweries around Bruges are now working together and have created a beer Discover Box. The brewers initiative goes by fitting name “Brewers around Bruges“. In the beer DiscoverRead more ⟶

Brewery Huyghe (Delirium) uses rainwater to brew beer

The Huyghe brewery, most well-known for it’s flagship beer Delirium, is now using rainwater as one of the ingredients to brew it’s beers. The rainwater is collected and purified before being used in the beers During the COVID-19 lockdown, the brewer has seen a reduced demand but that didn’t stop them from investing in theRead more ⟶

5 things people in the UK don’t know about Stella Artois

In the UK, Stella might be known as the “wife beater” beer, in Belgium the beer is perceived quite differently. Have you noticed that the Stella bottle includes the year 1366? Here’s 5 things you might not yet know about Stella. The oldest logo in the world Stella Artois was founded in 1717 when SebastianRead more ⟶

Next generation of Belgian Beer labels by Ján Bača

“Self-initiated project, redesign of my favourite Belgian beers labels.” It’s no secret, some of the Belgian Beers labels might seem a little bit outdated. With traditional beers, the traditional (and maybe even outdated) label seems like a right fit, but does it have to be that way? Ján Bača, a Slovak born graphic designer and illustratorRead more ⟶

Duvel Hazy IPA, a collaboration with ‘t IJ Brewery

The Belgian brewery Duvel Moortgat and Dutch neighbours brewery ‘t IJ are joining forces and are brewing a new Hazy IPA, called the “t IJ van de Duvel” (The Devil’s Egg). The new Blonde beer, has an alcohol percentage of 6.66%, the number of the beast, the number of Duvel (devil). When Duvel Moortgat andRead more ⟶