Trappist beer gift box


A selection of 12 trappist beers. With countless of awards, these beers will make a great gift for a beer lover. The trappist beers are highly-regarded as being one of the best and exclusive beers in the world. Shipping at the end of the month.

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The trappist beer gift box includes beers from all the Belgian trappist breweries as well as the La Trappe brewery one of the original International Trappist Association (ITA) breweries.

The beers in the Trappist beer box

Achel Bruin

The nose has mildly sweet touch-alcohol (8 vol. percent Alc) is no stranger to this-but this solid brew is still new. The flavor is full-bodied and tingly in the tongue. Slightly sweet (but not sticky), hint of ripe fruit, but particularly bitter coffee, defines the character of this beer.  This bitterness still dominates the long finish.

Achel Blond

The nose of this refermented trio has very fine bliss, mixed with sweet, malty and floral tones.  The taste fulfills all the promise of the fragrance: after sweet start, flowers and hops  appear; the full flavor is accompanied by long finish, in which the bitterness is offset by velvety malt notes.

Chimay Red

The Red Chimay is the oldest beer in Chimay. It has a beautiful copper color and a fruity and soft taste, which make this brown beer particularly tasty. The taste of the beer is silky with a light touch of bitterness.

Chimay Blue

The Blue Chimay is a dark beer with a powerful aroma and a complex taste that gets better with age. The beer has a scent of fine herbs. The finish is relatively dry with a hint of caramel.

Chimay White

The Chimay Tripel has a golden yellow colour and combines softness with bitterness in a rare balance. Fresh hop and yeast scent. The foam is firm and creamy. The aromas are fruity: nutmeg or raisin-like touch, from the hops.


Orval is brewed in the Notre-Dame d’Orval Abbey. This beer has a beautiful amber colored beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle and has an intense bitterness and a rich taste that is dry and hoppy.

Rochefort 10

Rochefort 10 is the flagship of the Rochefort Trappist monastery. It is a Quadrupel with no less than 11.3% alcohol. This phenomenal beer requires time and attention. The Rochefort 10 gets the highest ratings from beer lovers all over the world. Not surprising because the Rochefort 10 is so incredibly rich and complex.

Rochefort 8

This dark beer is so rich in taste, it contains the fruitiness of dark fruits, plums and figs. In addition, these 8 also have a spiciness and of course a sweetness of caramel and roasted malt. The Rochefort 8 is one of the most appreciated beers worldwide. An undisputed winner!

Rochefort 6

Rochefort 6 is the oldest beer of the three Trappist beers in Rochefort. This brown beer is full of aromas of roasted malt, sugar and dark fruit.

Westmalle Tripel

The Westmalle Tripel is a clear, golden yellow Trappist beer at 9.5 °. The slow brewing process and the secondary fermentation in the bottle yield a complex beer, with a fruity aroma of ripe banana and a nice, nuanced hop nose.

Westmalle Dubbel

The dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer of Westmalle, the Dubbel, has a rich and complex taste thanks to secondary fermentation in the bottle (7%). It is characterized by notes of caramel, malt and fruity esters reminiscent of ripe banana.

La Trappe Dubbel

Classic dark brown Trappist beer with an ivy-colored head. A full-bodied and caramel-like taste with a slight, sweet influence of dates, honey and dried fruit.