Westmalle Tripel

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Complex and balanced triple
The Westmalle Tripel is a clear, golden yellow Trappist beer at 9.5 °. The slow brewing process and the secondary fermentation in the bottle yield a complex beer, with a fruity aroma of ripe banana and a nice, nuanced hop nose. The soft and creamy taste, with a bitter touch carried by the fruit aroma, has a lot of finesse and elegance. Also enjoy the wonderfully long and dry aftertaste.

This beer is usually served from 33 cl bottles, exactly the contents of the accompanying chalice glass. The Tripel is also available in 75 cl bottles. It is remarkable that the beer in these larger bottles matures in a different way. The fruity aroma is a bit softer and riper and the beer gets a light vanilla touch.

Original from the start
First brewed in 1934, the Tripel van Westmalle is sometimes referred to as the “mother of all tripels” and was followed by many other breweries as a style. The Westmalle Tripel was created as a result of the opening of the new brewing hall in the abbey. In 1956 the recipe underwent an adjustment, but it has remained unchanged since then, for more than 60 years.

The Tripel joined the range in the 1930s. The name refers to a tripling of the ingredients of Westmalle’s original Trappist beer, an idea that other beer brewers also adopted to indicate the type.




Serving Temp.

8 – 14°C