Karmeliet Tripel

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Tripel Karmeliet is the work of love, patience and passion. Seven generations of hard work, steadily perfecting brewers’ knowledge and unceasing pursuit of perfection, preceded this exceptional piece of craftsmanship in this excellent beer.

Tripel Karmeliet is brewed according to a 3-grain recipe from 1679, which originates from a Dendermonds Carmelite monastery. A nuanced triple, refined and balanced. A beautiful harmony of barley, oats and wheat with soft, fruity notes and a surprisingly delicate taste.

This timeless beer is the embodiment of our never-ending quest for beauty.

This is Tripel Carmelite. 7 generations, 3 grains, 1 recipe.

Taste with all your senses

Enjoy to the fullest and with all your senses.
See: Tripel Karmeliet is a very refined and complex gold to bronze colored beer with a great, firm, creamy collar.

Sniff: Very refined and complex nose. Tripel Karmeliet owes these characteristics not only to the grains used, but also to the use of aroma hops and the fruity character of the house yeast.
We find notes of banana and vanilla mixed with citrusy aromas.

Tasting: Tripel Karmeliet not only possesses the lightness and freshness of the wheat, but also the creaminess of oats, and it also has a spicy, lemony dryness almost reminiscent of quinine.




Serving Temp.

6 – 7°C