Straffe Hendrik Tripel

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Straffe Hendrik Tripel is a golden triple with a solid white head. The fragrance is spicy with notes of black pepper, coriander and ginger with a hint of orange.

The beer is heavily hopped with top-quality Saaz and Styrian Golding and thanks to the subtle mixture of six special malts, it has a particularly balanced and powerful taste.

The onset tends towards caramel, after which the taste flows into a considerable bitterness. In the aftertaste, a subtle hint of banana can be tasted in combination with the prominent presence of citrus fruits.

Thanks to the refermentation in the bottle, this triple with an alcohol percentage of 9% has a long shelf life.

Spicy fish dishes come into their own in combination with this beer. Straffe Hendrik also goes well with cheeses such as camembert or Brugge Blomme. A combination with fruit desserts based on pineapple and mango, for example, is also recommended.

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