DeuS – Brut des Flandres

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Finesse in a bottle
Fresh as an aperitif and at the same time full of flavor and aromas like a real heavenly beer, that is DeuS. A wonderful symbiosis of brewing beer and creating a sparkling wine. Ideal for surprising your guests as a separate choice with appetizers or to sublimate your appetizer. DeuS, like a sparkling barley based drink of the gods.

A wonderful journey …
Each sparkling glass of DeuS is the result of a months-long preparation process, combining the best of 2 production methods. In Belgium, the master brewer brews and fermentes the beer, after which the DeuS-to-be travels further to France and the beautiful barley wine is transformed into the ultimate sparkling god’s drink using an age-old technique.

Taste with all your senses
Look: The bottle’s elegant curves are already a foretaste of DeuS’s charming finesse. In the flute glass you will discover a light blonde to pale golden, clear sparkling saturation with extremely tiny bubbles. DeuS is awarded with fine, pure white meringue-like foam.

Sniff: A fascinating complexity. Aromas of fresh apples develop, enhanced by mint, thyme, lemon zest, ginger, malt, pear, hops, allspice and cloves.

Taste: DeuS is delicate and complex. It glides silky on the tongue and then blooms open to a creamy, tingling sparkle. Light and airy, DeuS seduces with a grape-like sweetness and dessert apple-like fruitiness. The finish is nice and dry with an almost tannic touch.




Serving Temp.

0 – 4 °C