Kwaremont Blond

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Kwaremont is the beer of male and female leaders.
But especially of everyone with a heart for cycling.

Kwaremont is the reward after every ride. Kicked or driven yourself. Short or long. About cobbles or macadam. Fast or slow.

Kwaremont is there for every season.
Because a passionate cyclist never sits still.

And it is that passion that brings us together around a fresh Kwaremont. For a new Kware moment every time.

Kwaremont blond is, just like the famous calf biter from the Flemish Ardennes, full of character and spicy. It is a full-malt beer that provides a good dose of liquid sugars after a hard effort. Your reward? A pronounced thirst-quenching aftertaste … with an increase of 6.6%.

Glass not included.




Serving Temp.

6 – 8°C