Leffe Radieuse

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Leffe Radieuse is an amber-coloured abbey beer with a rich and balanced taste and a pronounced bitterness through the use of different types of hops. Balanced by notes of citrus, coriander and cloves, the aromas are followed by a surprisingly original finish.

Expert advice

“The amber-coloured Leffe Radieuse shines as a symbol of age-old expertise. The strong character is nicely balanced by aromas of orange peel, coriander seeds and roasted malt. The pronounced bitter taste betrays that this is a beer that knows exactly how it can conquer connoisseurs. Incredibly rich and wonderfully generous. But only in a Leffe chalice glass does Leffe Radieuse really reveal all its surprises. ”

Appetizers for the aperitif

Leffe Radieuse tastes very good with refined dishes such as grilled lamb fillet or with cheeses such as Brie or Bleu des Moines. Leffe Radieuse contains 8.2% alcohol and is best served in a chalice glass at a temperature of 5 to 6 ° C, so that all different flavors are released.




Serving Temp.