Westmalle Dubbel

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Fruity aroma, full flavor
The dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer of Westmalle, the Dubbel, has a rich and complex taste thanks to secondary fermentation in the bottle (7%). It is characterized by notes of caramel, malt and fruity esters reminiscent of ripe banana. The first introduction to the Dubbel van Westmalle is a cream-colored thick foam head. After drinking it leaves a nice lace in the glass. But the real memory of this balanced Trappist beer with a soft mouthfeel is undoubtedly the long, dry finish.

Trappist or double?
The monks of Westmalle have been brewing a dark Trappist beer since 1856 next to their existing meal beer. In 1926 they adjust the recipe and brew the beer a bit heavier by doubling the ingredients. This is how the beer got its name Dubbel, although many often just call it Trappist. That recipe is still the basis for the Westmalle Dubbel we know today.




Serving Temp.

8 – 14°C