Leffe Bruin (Brown)

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Leffe Bruin (Leffe Brown) is an authentic abbey beer with a deep, autumnal brown color and a full, slightly bittersweet taste, both thanks to the dark roasted malt. Experienced tasters will discover a creamy taste with aromas of coffee, vanilla, cloves and other roasted aromas, where brown sugar and caramel can also be discretely used.

A short story about a legendary beer

Dinant, 1240. In the heart of the Leffe valley is an abbey that all villagers are familiar with. The Premonstratensians, who live in the abbey, consult that morning in the large refectory on a theme that concerns all residents of Dinant: how to avoid epidemics spread by polluted water? After hours of deliberation, the monks get the idea to sterilize the water through a process they know all too well: brew beer. Shortly afterwards, the residents of Dinant can enjoy a deep brown beer for the first time, as well as taste the thousands of pilgrims passing through and enjoy the hospitality of the monks. Leffe Bruin was born.

Expert advice

“Leffe Bruin has its soft, deep brown color, the perfect balance between a slightly bitter taste and a hint of caramel thanks to an age-old tradition. Thanks to a touch of coffee and chocolate, this beer is even more popular. In Leffe’s chalice glass, the creamy collar, the roasted aromas and the spicy taste have the ability to stop time. ”

Appetizers for the aperitif

Leffe Bruin tastes best during a conversation among friends, when reading a good book or in front of the fireplace. Delicious with appetizers, with cheese and with spicy, sweet and sweet and sour dishes. Leffe Bruin contains 6.5% alcohol and is best served in a chalice glass at a temperature of 5 to 6 ° C, so that all different flavors are released.




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