Westvleteren 12

The Westvleteren XII is an excellent Trappist beer, generous and a powerful malted and caramelized taste. The taste is overwhelmingly full and softly sweet, with coffee, caramel and fruit subtly present. The finish is malty and the taste remains long after.

The Westvleteren XII remains good for years: give the beer time and it will continue to mature. After about a year, the taste evolution has fully started. If you are more patient, after about a year and a half to two years the beer will come into its own. Even after 20 years of maturation, a Westvleteren XII is still either highly evolved to a port flavor.

Store the bottles vertically in a dark place between 12 and 16 ° C. It is better not to put the Westvleteren XII in the refrigerator. A drinking temperature of 10 to 12 ° C is ideal to bring out the full flavor.

Carefully empty the bottle (without shaking and clocking). There is always a yeast deposit at the bottom of the bottle (due to the refermentation on the bottle). You can decide whether you want the yeast in your beer, the taste will be different, so always taste it first without the yeast.




Serving Temp.

12 – 16 °C