Maredsous 8 Bruin (Brown)

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This double, with an alcohol content of 8% by volume, is high in terms of alcohol because most double beers stick to a percentage of 7%. It has a tawny deep brown burgundy color and a very expressive palette of aromas. The caramel in the fragrance is complemented by masterfully dosed fruit notes.

The Maredsous Bruin 8 is a brown abbey beer that was originally only brewed for Christmas, but has acquired unprecedented value over time!

This frothy beer has a dark red colour and is very recognisable by the aromas, mixing caramel with a hint of fruit!

The aftertaste of citrus fruits takes away the “heavy” side of the traditional brown beer. Like the Maredsous triple, this beer contains yeast and the fermentation takes place directly in the bottle.

Ideally, drink this beer in the accompanying Maredsous glass!




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