Virtual Belgian Beer tasting with Jane Peyton

All pubs are closed, now what? CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) has launched it’s very own Virtual Pub the “Red (On)Lion” so you can still together with other pub-goers. A great way to spend some time during the lockdown & connect with other beer lovers.

On Tuesday, 5th of May at 6PM, CAMRA is hosting a Virtual Belgian Beer tasting with beer sommelier Jane Peyton. Jane is an award-winning drinks writer and the first UK’s pommelier (cider sommelier).

The tasting is free, but you will need to bring your own beer.

Jane Peyton

The Belgian Beers

It’s promising to be a very interesting evening, with a nice range of different beers. There will be 5 different Belgian Beers on the menu, Jane will give you tasting notes and talk about each of the beers. All of the beers are from different beer styles, with 3 out of the 5 beers having hints of a sour taste. The beers which will be tasted are:

The average ABV of the beers is 6.28%, so don’t drink too fast and really taste the different flavours. Maybe share some of the beers with your flatmates.

After the tasting, feel free to stick around to finish your beers and chat with other Belgian Beer lovers. You can even take part in games, such as Heads Up and Charades in the private tables.

The Red (On)Lion also regularly hosts other events including pub quizzes. You can find all events on the Red (On)Lion website.

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