The Pink Elephant beer: Delirium Tremens

What is that beer with the pink elephant on it? Maybe you’ve seen the beer glass with the pink elephant? The pink elephant belongs to the Delirium and is one of the most recognisable beer brands within Belgium. There’s a wide different varieties that are using the pink elephant on the beer bottles, such asRead more ⟶

The difference between Belgium and UK drinking cultures

Let’s face it, both the British and the Belgians love a good beer, after a hard day at work, together with dinner, during the weekend,… a lot of opportunities for a beer. However, there are some substantial differences between the drinking culture of the two countries. When do British and Belgians drink? An interesting observationRead more ⟶

What is the percentage alcohol of the Belgian Kwak beer?

“Be careful, Kwak is a 8.4 percent strong Belgian blonde” Kwak (or Pauwel Kwak), the Belgian beer that is served in a very peculiar glass and even comes with a wooden stand is a strong Belgian Blonde beer. It is one of the strangest looking glasses within the Belgian beer scene, however, the beer doesn’tRead more ⟶

Why is Kwak beer served in this unique glass?

You might have noticed, if you order a kwak beer this is hopefully served in the traditional Kwak glass and stand. In Belgium, pretty much every single beer has it’s own unique glass, going from the lager which are simply branded glasses all the way down to the Trappist beers which have completely unique glasses.Read more ⟶

All Belgian Trappist Breweries on the map 2020

If you’re planning a trip to Belgium, you should definitely try to visit some of the famous Belgian Trappist Breweries, you can see all of them on the map below. Please do check with each of the breweries beforehand as not all of them might be doing brewery tours. There are currently 6 Belgian TrappistRead more ⟶

How many Trappist breweries are there?

There are 21 Trappist Abbeys, however, not all of these produce Trappist beer. While Trappist Beers are generally known to come from Belgium, they are not exclusive to Belgium and there are other abbeys that are also producing Trappist beers as well. However, that doesn’t mean that there are a lot of Trappist breweries asRead more ⟶

Best Belgian Trappist Beers in 2020

The Belgian Trappist Beers are speciality beers brewed by Trappist monks within the monasteries. The hard work and dedication that the monks put into the beer does pay of. The Trappist beers have won countless awards and are regularly placed on top beer lists. Naturally the Belgian Trappist Beers are rated highly on RateBeer andRead more ⟶

What is a Belgian’s favourite beer?

As a Belgian abroad, you get asked quite a lot what your favourite Belgian beer is. Quite a difficult question to answer considering the sheer amount of Belgian Beers and is there really a beer that’s always right for the occasion? Everyone certainly has a different opinion on it, maybe the question that we shouldRead more ⟶