The Pink Elephant beer: Delirium Tremens

What is that beer with the pink elephant on it? Maybe you’ve seen the beer glass with the pink elephant? The pink elephant belongs to the Delirium and is one of the most recognisable beer brands within Belgium. There’s a wide different varieties that are using the pink elephant on the beer bottles, such as the flagship Delirium Tremens, the dark Delirium Nocturnum, the yearly Delirium Deliria brewed by woman and many others.

The origin of the pink elephant

You might have heard of the phrase “seeing pink elephants” and while it doesn’t mean seeing a series of Delirium beers next to each other, you might start seeing pink elephants as a result of drinking too many of them.

While you might think that the origin of the pink elephants comes from the Disney’s Dumbo scene. IN the movie, Dumbo and Timothy start seeing pink elephants after accidentally drinking alcohol instead of water.

Unfortunately, the real origin of the pink elephants is much more scary than the Disney’s representation. Seeing pink elephants comes from the most severe type of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) which is called… Delirium Tremens or DTs for short.

The symptoms include extreme confusion, extreme agitation, a fever, seizures, as well as tactile and audio-visual hallucinations. The last symptoms is what has started the phrase “seeing pink elephants” and as a results thiws was later used as the logo for the Delirium Tremens (the beer).

Enjoy your Delirium Tremens, the pink elephant beer from Belgium. Please do keep it mind to drink it responsibly.

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