What is the percentage alcohol of the Belgian Kwak beer?

“Be careful, Kwak is a 8.4 percent strong Belgian blonde”

Kwak (or Pauwel Kwak), the Belgian beer that is served in a very peculiar glass and even comes with a wooden stand is a strong Belgian Blonde beer. It is one of the strangest looking glasses within the Belgian beer scene, however, the beer doesn’t need to be a special glass to be the go-to beer for many Belgians and people abroad. While it is a beer loved by many, we need to be careful.

When drinking Kwak remember these 2 things.

First, the special glass doesn’t only look nice it is also very dangerous, when you drink the Kwak too fast, the pressure at the end of the glass builds up and will gush out in one go. Drinking Kwak isn’t only enjoyable, it is also an art. Drink slow and enjoy the beer.

Second, Pauwel Kwak does have a strong 8.4% alcohol percentage, while the beer is very enjoyable to drink, it is a very strong beer so you might want to watch your pace and enjoy the taste and experience of drinking out such a traditional glass. Take in the history and tradition of the Belgian Kwak. But remember, be careful, Kwak is a 8.4 percent strong Belgian blonde.

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