Vedett Extra Blond (Can)

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Vedett Extra Blond, a luxurious lager with a special taste, dominated by hops. The beer is fairly dry with a hint of lemon. A wonderfully pleasant aroma with a creamy malt flavor, gives the little bit Extra in Vedett Blond!

Vedett, a blond premium beer with an alcohol content of 5.2%, is today the culture beer of Duvel Moortgat: After its birth in 1945, it quickly gained name and fame within a circle of initiates in the Antwerp-Brussels region, then still as an export beer popular at the time.

Taste: Aromas of malt, bread, yeast and especially hops. Very hoppy taste, first slightly sweet, then predominantly (hop) bitter, with a dry aftertaste, rather light mouthfeel and a rather monotone taste.

Fun Fact: In 1965, Duvel Moortgat gave one of his premium pils beers the name Vedett. Originally, this beer has been brewed since 1945. It was not until 2003 that the brand was rejuvenated, with success, for example, thanks to the option of having your own photo printed on the label.




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