Maredsous 6 Blonde

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The blonde beer, like most blondes, has a light fruitiness and a bitter taste is almost absent. Drinkable like a lager, but without that crackling taste, it’s just a nice thirst-quenching glass of beer.

The beers from the Abbey of Maredsous brewed by the Moortgat Brewery in Breendonk (Belgium) are bottle-aged beers.

The Maredsous blond 6% is a high-fermentation Belgian Pale Ale beer. It is the very first beer of the Abbey of Maredsous, and is still consumed by the monks at lunchtime.

The Maredsous blond has, as her name implies, a blond color with an abundant white foam.

Subtle malt and hop notes are released in the nose, while the palate fluctuates between fruity notes, the softness of the malt and light bitterness. This beer with a sturdy and balanced body has all the refreshing qualities of a classic Belgian blond beer.




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