Belgian Beer Box March – De Brabandere


Introducing De Brabandere, a family-owned brewery since 1894. With a wide assortment of different beers and continuous innovation the brewery takes you on a taste journey.

Limited boxes available. This is a one-time purchase, no subscription.

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This month’s Belgian beer box includes the following 12 Belgian beers:

The Petrus Tradition Beers give you a taste of the traditional Belgian beers. The triple, double and strong Belgian blonde beers are all present. All brewed in copper brewing kettles.

Petrus Tradition Triple (8.5% Abv), a unique triple, brewed with three European aromatic hops. The fresh and distinctive taste of those hops complete your moments of relaxation. Re-fermentation inside the bottle creates a fine effervescence in your glass.

Petrus Tradition Double (7% Abv), a dark brown full-bodied beer, perfect after a hard day of work. The bitterness is derived from six different malts. With this well-balanced taste, the daily grind is rinsed away in no time.

Petrus Tradition Blond (6.5% Abv), a refreshing blond beer that leaves your taste buds craving more. This blond beer is brewed from the finest aromatic hops, which gives it a refreshing and enjoyable taste.


Brewmaster’s Selection, the three Master Brewers present their own unique and limited edition beers. These selections are just like them: stubborn, unique and brilliant at the same time.

Brewmaster’s Selection Wild Triple Hop (8% Abv), this beer consists of 15% pure foeder beer that has been ageing on French oak foeders for 24 months, blended brilliantly together with our delicious Petrus Tripel. On top of that, 2 American hops were added, Cascade and Amarillo. This combination creates an 8% ABV golden ale, with a nice foamy head, a fresh citrus-scent, a beautiful bitterness and a pleasant sourish aftertaste.

Brewmaster’s Selection Wild Funky Wit (5% Abv), a refreshing witbeer. Instead of using yeast for the first fermentation, the wild microflora derived from the breweries’ oak foeders was used. Due to the complexity of these flora, the beer required a longer and intense fermentation. The result: the ultimate refreshment with a citrus-sour flavor and taste!


Petrus Sour Beers are the reference in the category of sour beers. They are aged, authentic beers brewed according to the best traditions. Petrus Sour Beers are intriguing, quirky and therefore difficult to match or compare.

Petrus Sour Red By Petrus(8.5% Abv), a beer with the perfect balance between sweet and sour. It is a blend of 15% Aged Pale and 85% Dubbel Bruin infused with natural cherries.

Petrus Sour Aged Pale (7.3% Abv), a 100% foeder beer, aged for 24 months in our oak foeders. It has been the reference for sour beers for years. Moreover, ever since the establishment of the brewery, this beer has been used to blend with other beers to give them fresh, slightly sour flavours and aromas.

Petrus Sour Rood Bruin (5.5% Abv), is a typical Flemish reddishbrown ale, brewed according to tradition. This beer is a blend of 1/3 Aged Pale and 2/3 young brown beer.


Wieze (8.5% Abv), a surprising triple. Fermented twice which gives it its clear to slightly hazy look. Fine bitterness, slightly spicy and with citrus notes.

Petrus Nitro Cherry Chocolate Quadrupel (8.5% Abv), a unique beer that obtains its complex character thanks to the roasted malts and the cherries. The addition of nitrogen which forms smaller, more profuse bubbles than carbon dioxide—gives beer a smooth texture.

Kwaremont Blond (6.6% Abv), a full-flavoured strong blonde. Smooth, full flavour with a light, pleasant bitterness and a spicy touch. Hoppy character.

Dangerousse (6.5% Abv), a dark blonde with a red tinge and enriched with herbs. Warm aroma of roasted malt with a hint of caramel. The subtle spiciness adds an extra dimension which adds to the full, rich body. The aftertaste is smooth, round and malty.




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