Belgian Beer Box May – Belgian Whites Witbier


An ode to the Belgian white beers “Witbier”, a mix of white and blonde beers. With 2 new Belgian beers from the Westmalle and Delirium breweries.

Limited boxes available. This is a one-time purchase, no subscription.

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This month’s Belgian beer box includes the following 12 Belgian beers:

St. Bernardus Wit (5.5%), this wit beer comes form the well-known St Bernardus brewery. Orange, coriander and lemon dominate this classic witbier, all playing off a wonderful silky body.

Mongozo Buckwheat (4.8%), organic, gluten-free and Fairtrade-certified white beer is brewed with buckwheat, malt, rice, hops, orange peel and herbs, including coriander.

Vedett White (4.7%), Extra White, winner of the world beer awards in 2017, a hazy Belgian white.

Westmalle Extra (4.8%), the newest addition the the Westmalle line-up, the beer that the monks drink themselves during their lunches!

Bosteels Triple Karmeliet (8.4%), a strong blonde tripel beer, brewed with 3 different types of grains, which gives the beer its strong distinctive flavour.

La Chouffe (8%), from a small artisanal brewery in The Ardennes Mountains of Achouffe, Belgium. It is medium bodied and unique, a fruity-spicy, strong blond beer.

Bush Caractère (12%), one of Belgium’s strongest beers, rich with soft caramel and brandy booze.

Witkap Pater Stimulo (6%), Witkap Stimulo is the most celebrated of the brewery’s beers. Today it bears the “abbey” designation. lt is twice fermented, once in the vat and once in the bottle.

Delirium Paranoia (5.6%), the latest addition of the Delirium beers, hazy hoppy pale beer cold lagered and dryhopped with Citra & Mosaic.

Brugse Zot Blonde (6%), refermented in the bottle, this is is a very drinkable, although still strong 6% ABV, Belgian blonde.

De La Senne Bruxellensis (6.5%), a Brett style beer, (Brettanomyces is a type of yeast that can be used to ferment beer), a nod to the famous Orval.

De La Senne Jambe de Bois (8%), blond and copper-colored, a powerful and full-bodied beer. It has a scent of ripe banana and a subtle blend of old varieties of aromatic hops. As for taste, the malt dominates, supported by a long and delicate bitterness.


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