Belgian Beer Box August – Summer Trappists


We’ve gone all out for our August Belgian Beer box, 3 great Trappist beers, including the newly re-released Chimay 150. Choose between blonde or dark beers which will be added to your box.

Limited boxes available. This is a one-time purchase, no subscription.


This month’s Belgian beer box includes the following 12 Belgian beers:

Chimay 150 (10%), first brewed in 2012 to celebrate the brewery’s 150th anniversary. It is a strong, pale blond Trappist beer that, despite its strength, is refreshing, fruity and intense.

Rochefort Extra (8.1%), the newest addition the the Rochfort lineup, but already shaking up the best beer rankings. A refreshing trappist beer that will delight the palate of beer lovers with its golden blonde colour, citrus notes and spicy scent.

Westmalle Extra (4.8%), the newest addition the the Westmalle line-up, the beer that the monks drink themselves during their lunches!

Barbar (8%), brewed to a special recipe jealously guarded by the brewery, honey is used during the mash with the wheat to create a smooth sweetness and floral, acacia-like aroma that makes the honey beer as delicious as it is unique.

De la Senne Taras Boulba (4.5%), a session blonde, generously hopped with the finest aromatic hops, giving it a very refreshing spicy character and a scent reminiscent of citrus.

Troubadour Blonde (6.5%), easy drinking and extremely refreshing with a fruity aroma and hoppy, spicy flavour. The full malty and slightly spicy body is followed by a mild bitter aftertaste.

Huyghe Averbode, this beer is the collaboration between the Huyghe brewery and the Averbode Abbey, dry hopped with a strong 7.5%.


In addition to the above, 5 additional beers will be added to your box. You can choose between blonde beers or dark beers. Only strong Belgian beers of course.


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