5 things people in the UK don’t know about Stella Artois

In the UK, Stella might be known as the “wife beater” beer, in Belgium the beer is perceived quite differently. Have you noticed that the Stella bottle includes the year 1366? Here’s 5 things you might not yet know about Stella.

The oldest logo in the world

Stella Artois was founded in 1717 when Sebastian Artois bought the “Den Hoorn” (the horn) brewery. The horn in the Stella logo dates back to 1366 when the brewery was first founded. Making this the oldest logo in teh world according to 24/7 Wall St. This is also teh reason why within the label’s beer you will see the 1366 year.

The traditional Stella Artois brewery is still being used today

The “Den Hoorn” brewery where Stella Artois was first brewed is still impressing passers-by with it’s grand appearance. Although, the building is no longer being used for brewing, after it was converted in 2012 it is now serves as an event space, housing and offices and a bar & restaurant. During the conversion they have tried to maintain as many features of the brewery as possible, as a result you can hold events next to the copper brewing kettles or work next to the factory machines.

Stella Artois launched in Belgium as a Christmas beer

Stella Artois was initially released as a Christmas beer in 1926, with Stella being the latin name for star. Due to the popularity of the beer, it was later introduced year-round and the beer was being exported to other European markets in 1930. The beer used to be very bitter but after some recipe changes the beer is now much less better so it can be enjoyed year-round.

Stella Artois is one of the most sold beers in Belgium

For many Belgians, Stella Artois is the go-to beer in the local pubs (or as Belgian’s call them Café’s, yes we know very confusing) and is a nice beer to enjoy throughout the evening. A less potent beer in comparison with the strong Belgian Blondes or famous Trappist beers which have a much higher alcohol percentage at 7-10% on average.

The ABV in Belgium is higher at 5.2%

In the UK, you will find Stella Artois contains 4.8% alcohol, this is the percentage which is being used to export Stella Artois outside of Belgium to ensure that the beer can be sold at an affordable yet “reassuringly expensive”. Within Belgium, all Stella beers have 5.2% alcohol and are never sold in a can, you can get a fresh Stella from the draught or get them in a bottle. Give it a go when you’re in Belgium next, we recommend ordering a bottle so you can really taste the difference.

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