Boon Oude Gueuze

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This Oude Geuze is a traditional unsweetened, unfiltered Oude Geuze from Lembeek.

Brewed from 60% malt and 40% wheat, it ripens on oak barrels under the name Lambiek.

Oude Geuze consists of 75% lambic lamb of 18 months on average and 25% lambic of 3 years of character.

We mix them in a mixing vessel of 25,000 liters and keep the mixture cool. For bottling, we bring the Gueuze back to fermentation temperature. We place the bottles in a climate-controlled cellar, so that the geuze can ferment in the bottle. After a few months of aging in the bottles, this gueuze gets its fine taste.

After this refermentation in the bottle, it is given the name Oude Geuze Boon.

Tip: Do you want to know the bottling date? Then subtract 20 years from the expiration date.

Oude Geuze is an E.U. protected name, which guarantees the authenticity of this beer.




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