Lindemans Framboise

This beer tastes as good as it looks! To make our Framboise, we add raspberry juice to the lambic. That gives him a delicate fruity perfume and a beautiful dark pink color, a bit like the dress I wore at our cousin Willy’s wedding. (But this probably won’t interest you, I don’t think you know Willy). The Framboise is ideal as an aperitif, but I also use it in the kitchen. And when I don’t completely empty the bottle in my preparations, I pour the rest into my glass.

Brewing secret
A one-year lambic in which 30% filtrate of freshly squeezed raspberries is macerated.

Fruity raspberry flavor with deliciously sweet undertone. Sweet taste of raspberries and mildly sour, with notes of wood, in the aftertaste.




Serving Temp.

2-3 °C