Leffe Rituel 9°

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Leffe Rituel 9˚ is a copper-colored beer that owes its character to the high-quality ingredients and top fermentation. Then the spicy, pronounced taste develops, characterized by bitter and fruity herbs that are nicely balanced.

Expert advice

“This copper-colored Leffe Rituel, brewed according to age-old traditions, commands respect. The intense, distinct taste of grain, bitter herbs and banana will seduce you time and time again. Made with extra hops and remarkably balanced, this beer has a long, intense aftertaste that gourmets will appreciate. But make no mistake, only in a Leffe chalice glass can Leffe Rituel be tamed. ”

Appetizers for the aperitif

Thanks to its high alcohol content, the Leffe Rituel 9 ° is the ideal beer to serve with smoked dishes, such as charcuterie, cheese and tapas. As the name implies, this Leffe contains 9% alcohol, the highest percentage in the Leffe range. Serve at a temperature of 5 to 6 ° C in a chalice glass, so that all different flavors are released.




Serving Temp.