Timmermans Sloe Lambicus

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From the introduction into the glass, we already discover the ripeness of the basic fruit. The dark ruby red color announces a lot of taste satisfaction, recalling that the basic ingredient is the pupil, a fruit that ripens to release its flavors.

First paired with a brewing fermentation process, and associated with a young lambic, so sour, this beer ends in a rich flavor, going through three stages of taste, immediately on the palate. It successively reveals the freshness through the nose, a fruity taste, studded with a moderate acidity, which turns into modesty and is joined by a denouement that recalls the unedited basic fruit. The austere alcohol content (3.5%) allows it to be crowned a very thirst-quenching drink, but with a certain character thanks to an elegant combination of ingredients.




Serving Temp.

4 – 6°C