Timmermans Oude Kriek

The Timmermans Oude Kriek fermented again in the bottle, which gives this beer its distinct taste and unparalleled aroma. De Oude Kriek owes its taste and color to the cherries, which traditionally come from Schaerbeek. This natural, slightly acidic drink with a remarkable bouquet has its whims and it must therefore be closely monitored during the long maturation period. This mixture of old and young lambic can be stored for up to twelve years.

The flavor combination of real lambic and cherry, realized a long time ago in Schaerbeek, is completed by an astonishing aroma: ¾ old lambic is mixed with ¼ lambic from a younger generation of spontaneous fermentation. Considering the natural acidity, this combination yields a more than successful marriage that will satisfy the true lovers of spontaneous fermentation and surprise the new fruit beer drinkers, in the grandest and most noble way possible.

Shelf life: 12 years




Serving Temp.

4 – 6°C