Belgian Beer Box February – Fabulous Red


Explore our February Belgian Beer box, containing 2 trappist beers, as well as some great beers with the focus on amber and red beers.

Limited to 20 boxes, our last 3 boxes have always sold out before the end of the month! Get in there while you can.

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This month’s Belgian beer box includes the following 12 Belgian beers:

Chimay Red, our featured trappist beer this month, a dubbel-style ale with huge depth of flavour. You can expect fig, dates, raisins on the palate of this complex and warming dark ale.

Kasteel Rouge, a rich and powerful (8%) cherry beer is a beautiful blend of Kasteel’s celebrated quadruple-style beer Donker and cherry liqueur. It’s a complex but easy-drinking beer that makes a great aperitif and digestif.

Delirium Red, a 8.5% abv dark-red cherry beer. Based on the Delirium Tremens, it has a light pink, compact head, a soft aroma of almond and sour cherries, and tastes tangy and fruity, with a perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Rochefort 6, our second trappist beer in this month’s Belgian beer box. Top-fermented, bottle-conditioned beer, a dark ‘double’ style ale, dry and surprisingly easy drinking. The 7.5% ABV lets you know that this brew has some body.

Lindemans Kriek, a slightly sweet cherry lambic beer, fermented using wild yeasts in the air and aged in oak barrels for years to give a sour tart flavour. For this beer, cherries are then added to give the beer a pleasant and full fruity sweetness that offsets the sour base before a pleasing and refreshing tart finish.

Delirium Tremens, a delicious, spicy and warming Belgian strong ale, Delirium is famous the world over not just for its bizarre kitsch branding but for the fact that it regularly wins best blonde ale at awards.

Blanche de Bruxelles, the definitive example of a Belgian wit beer. Unfiltered and brewed with 40% wheat, the beer has a mellow, hazy light yellow body and a luxuriant snow white head.

Troubadour Speciale, a rare Belgian speciality beer. Pours a hazy orange colour with a small head giving off a subtle aroma.

Floris Passion, a top fermentation beer, dark yellow colour. Warm, rich beer with a perfect harmony between aroma and taste. Easy drinking and exciting, tangy, tropical-sweet, white passion fruit beer.

La Chouffe, from a small artisanal brewery in The Ardennes Mountains of Achouffe, Belgium. It is medium bodied and unique, a fruity-spicy, strong blond beer.

Vedett Extra Blond, a thirst quenching, hoppy Belgian beer. With a retro look and innovative packaging which features photos of the many fans of the beer.

Saison Van De Bruwer, a dry-hopped spelt Saison. It is blond, very aromatic and fruity, its nose is reminiscent of pineapple, quince, apricot, and gooseberry. Its attack is mellow, but its finish is dry and bitter — typical character traits of the 1920s Saisons