Oud Beersel Oude Kriek

Traditional Old Kriek with an overwhelming pallet of fresh cherries!

De Oude Kriek Oud Beersel is an artisanal product, made with real cherries and matured with Oud Beersel lambic in wooden barrels. This gives this Oude Kriek a fruity touch and its ruby red color. The Oude Kriek Oud Beersel contains about 400 grams of cherries per liter, which is unique in its kind. It is not sweetened and contains no flavors or preservatives. This brings that age-old product to its full advantage.

Aroma: surprising perfume of cherries and almonds
Taste: the real cherries leave an overwhelming fruitiness and the almond touch of the kernel completes the pleasure. The spontaneous refermentation unites the cherries with the lambic, which together form a pleasant taste experience.




Serving Temp.

8 – 12 °C