Lindemans Kriek

We said it before, our family does everything differently! De Kriek Lindemans is a good example of this.

We have been adding cherries to our lambic for generations to obtain a beer with exceptional qualities.

Our meeting with the American beer importer and connoisseur Charles Finkel in the 1970s has turned the market segment of fruit beers upside down. Charles convinced us to export our Oude Kriek to the United States by boat. What we hadn’t thought about was that the swell of the waves would reactivate the fermentation causing the bottles to explode and the corks to pop out during the trip. A real scene from Tintin… To avoid that, we have developed an alternative production method for our kriek. We use a non-concentrated, unsweetened filtrate from freshly squeezed cherries that we macerate with lambic of at least one year before pasteurising everything.

Because we immediately filter and pasteurize the beer, this Kriek tastes slightly sweeter and fruitier than the Oude Kriek Cuvée René with its refermentation in the bottle. Thanks to its innovative taste, this cherry became very popular both with us and abroad. Today, this is undoubtedly the cherry consumers consider as a reference.

Brewing secret
Like the Oude Kriek Cuvée René, this filtered Kriek Lindemans is made on the basis of lambic. The difference, however, lies in the addition of 25% filtrate from freshly squeezed cherries, after which the beer is filtered and pasteurized.

Deliciously fruity, with the fresh, sour-sweet taste of fresh cherries. The attack is strong and lively, passing into a varied palette of flavors that strikes a perfect balance between the sweetness of the fruit and the softly sour character of lambic.




Serving Temp.

2-3 °C