Liefmans Kriek Brut

This luscious beer is the perfect marriage of fresh accents and the understated sweet and sour taste of cherries. Liefmans Kriek-Brut is a mixed fermentation beer, each hectolitre of which contains up to 13 kilograms of fruit!

Liefmans Kriek-Brut is a perfect blend of Oud Bruin and pale beer that has matured at Krieken.

The beer is allowed to mature for a year and a half, bringing out its sweet and sour taste.

Liefmans Kriek-Brut has a deep brown-red color and a refined foam head, with notes of wood and almond. You clearly taste the slightly sweet and at the same time slightly tart character of the fruit. A beer with class, and you immediately notice that.




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