Poperings Hommelbier

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Poperings Hommelbier was specially brewed in 1981 for the 3 annual hop parties in Poperinge. Since “Hommel” is the local dialect for hoppe, the name for this tribute to Poperingse hop was quickly found. Meanwhile, Poperings Hommelbier is appreciated worldwide for its unique style with 100% hops from Poperinge.

This “Golden Ale” has a solid white head that invites you to discover the scent of green hops, yeast and light fruit notes. After a full and refreshing spicy taste, the pallet changes to light citrus, orange and grapefruit, supported by the hops. The honey-soft aftertaste releases a slightly spicy cumin flavor to a full hop flavor.




Serving Temp.

6 – 8°C