Moinette Blonde

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The Moinette Blonde is a top-fermented beer with refermentation in the bottle.
Since its creation in 1955, this beer has been «the showpiece» of our brewery on the Belgian market.

Since the area around the brewery has been fairly swampy for centuries, the name for the beer has been linked to this.

Moinette is a conversion of the old French word “moëne”, which meant swamp or damp place.

A mill and a «cense de la Moinette» already existed in Tourpes, both owned by the Dupont family. (cense = homestead).
Originally, the beer was sold under the name of “Abbaye de la Moinette” and eventually came to “Moinette” after 1980.

Copper colored and infused with fine hop aromas, the Moinette Blonde is very refreshing thanks to the subtle balance between sweet, bitter and fruity.

The selection of our yeasts gives the special aroma and taste that is so characteristic of this beer.

The real refermentation in the bottle, which continues for a long time in your cellar, results in a beer with complex taste and harmonious bouquet.




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