AB Inbev launches “Victoria” a strong blonde beer as an alternative to Duvel.

Victoria is launched on the market as a new, strong blond beer. With 8.5% alcohol fermented in the bottle, the beer holds similarities the popular strong blonde beer Duvel. In the launch communication AB Inbev isn’t shy about admitting that they’re using this beer to take on Duvel.

Victoria is the name of the new blonde beer with 8.5% alcohol fermented in the bottle. Smoothly drinkable, with a spicy bitterness and a spicy hop aroma with fruity notes from three hop varieties, including the noble hops Saaz and Fuggle. The new beer has a light color, a high carbonation content and a strong head. AB Inbev emphasizes that Victoria contains only 100% natural ingredients: hops, barley malt, rice, water and yeast.

The beer has currently only launched in Belgium, keep an eye out on the Victoria Facebook page for any updates on when we can expect the beer in the UK.

“Opponent of the devil”

The communication about the meaning of that name and the image on the label is quite remarkable. According to the brewer, Victoria refers to the story of the victory of archangel Saint Michael (the patron saint of Brussels) against evil. “Archangel Saint Michael is the adversary of the devil. He is the symbol of the victory of good over evil, the just, the true and the authentic, in contrary to evil, false and artificial, which characterises the ways of the devil … “.

These explicit references to the devil are unmistakable: the new beer wants to conquer a place in the growing segment of strong blonde beers, a segment where competitor Duvel has been in charge for decades.

The story of Victoria

Victoria is brewed in honor of the 1695 victory of the Archangel Saint Michael, patron saint of Brussels, and defends the age-old Belgian brewing heritage with its 100% natural and high quality ingredients. It fights against the use of additives, preservatives and anything that can take away from the production of a master beer. With 8.5% alcohol and its second fermentation in the bottle, Victoria is the ultimate strong and refreshing Belgian beer.

Our brewers selected the finest rice to give Victoria a pure taste and a bright golden color. The refreshingly spicy hop aroma that is typical of a classic strong Belgian blond beer is perfectly balanced with fruity notes from the three hop varieties, including the noble hop Saaz and Fuggle.

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